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Kame house minecraft download

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Kame house minecraft

This the famous Kame House from my favorite anime Dragon Ball Z. Master Roshi the mentor of Goku and Krillin lives here with his turle friend. What cartoon house should I make next?. Initially the upper window was 3blocs looks better but finally put the 1 block window like original Hope you enjoy Added Island and Kame House Download map. Yo les sushi Aujourd'hui je vous donne une map que j'ai faite de Dragon Ball Z la ''Kame House Je l'ai faite en 1h30 environ sans mod ni pack de texture.

Just got some time today This is a giant Kame House that I made in 65hours. Hope you like it and if so thumbs up please if you want to download the map. It's Kame House from Dragon Ball Z I'll finish it when its required to do so View map now! The Minecraft Project, Dragon Ball Z - Kame House, was posted by. Minecraft Tutorial: How To Make Kame House "Dragonball Z House" - YouTube.

Glad to see I'm not the only Dragonball fan playing minecraft way more than he .. I made Kame House as well, but mines at bedrock level.